Sri Lanka still Lonely Planet’s top destination for 2019

Sri Lanka still Lonely Planet’s top destination for 2019

Lonely Planet said Sri Lanka is continuing to be the top destination for 2019 despite the Easter Sunday terror attacks. “It still tops our Best in Travel for 2019,” Lonely Planet says.


The travel publication, maintained Sri Lanka as number one.


The toll on tourism has been tremendous on the island state following the Easter Sunday attacks and the travellers should not give up on Sri Lanka.


“While we don’t discount the fear many travellers feel, we should not allow events like this to deter us from continuing to explore, learn and break down stereotypes.”
The country has been upset following the Easter Sunday attacks, but continues to be an incredible place to visit.
The country has bounced back very quickly and tightened the security resulting in people getting back to their usual lives a lot earlier than the international communities anticipated. The tourism industry is now picking up and looks very promising.
Among the many things the guide says the travellers cannot miss in Sri Lanka are the food, incomparable beaches, especially the untouched beaches in Tangalle, epic train rides especially travel by train to Ella, the beauty of the hills, ancient city of Anuradhapura, elephants, City of Galle, Sigiriya and Sinharaja Forest Reserve.
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15 Day Group Family Holiday in Sri Lanka

15 Day Group Family Holiday in Sri Lanka

The 15 day Family Holiday Tour to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is the most suited package to enjoy great family time with excitement. During the family tour, you will be able to witness the best of the best in Sri Lanka. The stunning wildlife, historical wonders, marvellous forest reserves, tall mountain peaks, mesmerizing sceneries, golden beaches, mysterious seas and much more can be explored. With cycling, rafting and hiking, your family adventure time will be an unforgettable one. It is the best you can give to yourself, your loved ones and kids.
Galle Music Festival 2017

Galle Music Festival 2017

The unique and exuberant Galle Music Festival is making its annual return in May 2017 – a family friendly music and cultural event taking place in the stunning city of Galle looking out onto the Indian Ocean.
A very much different experience than the muddy, overpriced UK music festivals, the Galle Music Festival has been running annually for the past five years and is a melting pot of Sri Lankan music and dance. It takes place on the ramparts of Fort Galle with its views over the specular Indian Ocean.
Free to enter, the festival has a family friendly slot between ten in the morning and one in the afternoon where you can wonder around the various food and craft stalls while various acts perform impromptu sets as a teaser for the main events after sunset.
The music and performances are a fusion of different styles from across the island. The festival itself prides itself on its musical and cultural diversity which brings together people from different backgrounds across the island to celebrate through music and dance.
International artists also attend the event, with Raghu Dixit Project – the famous Indian singer-songwriter, producer and film score composer – being a notable past performer at the event.
The People of Sri Lanka

The People of Sri Lanka

The native people of a country can make or break a holiday, as talking to the locals, visiting villages and markets, walking the locals walk and talking the locals talk, is very much part of an interactive holiday.
Sri Lanka is one of the friendliest nations in the world. The laid-back lifestyle of the locals, their willingness to help and the smiles on their faces will make your holiday unforgettable and memorable.
The Sri Lankans have so much time to spare and they can afford to stop and talk to strangers and welcome them to their land. They are such a gentle and courteous bunch of people.
Having over 35 Public Holidays a year helps the people to live a very relaxed life. The influence of Buddhism has turned the people of this Island into calm, generous and helpful people.
The traditions too, encourage the locals to receive and accommodate their guests. As a result, you will experience hospitality at its best in this country.
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