Experience Sri Lankan Cuisine

Experience Sri Lankan Cuisine

No Holiday is complete without tasting the local Cuisine and some countries have more variety
and unique Dishes to offer. Sri Lanka has a so much to offer with its Signature spices and
authentic Vegetables. Sri Lankan curries stay creamy, because of the Coconut Milk that’s been
used so very often.
Rice and curry – Anywhere, Anytime
The staple Food of Sri Lanka is Rice. Vegetables, Fish and Meet is been served with Rice. There
are Sri Lankans who eat Rice & Curry for all three meals of the day. It is never boring as we
have over 50 different types of Vegetables and 15 different types of rice to choose from. Al least
five Dishes of Vegetables are served with Rice along with Papadams, Green Salads & Sambol [
Sambol is made with grated Coconut and Chilly] Sri Lanka is a Vegetarian`s Paradise.
Hoppers [ Aappa]
The hopper has a soft, puffy, crêpe-like texture and is part of typical Sri Lankan breakfast. The
hopper is made from a batter with Rice Flour, coconut milk and palm toddy that is left to sit
through the Night allowing time to ferment. A Hopper tastes a bit like a pan cake, but looks like
a Bowl. The locals eat Hoppers with a Spicy Salad or a Curry, but to start with, you can try it
with Jam as you are not used to eating Spicy Food for Breakfast. But after a few days in to your
Holiday you can try it in Sri Lankan Style, You could have an Egg in the Hopper too if you wish.
Roti is common in South East Asia and there are so many versions of it. This is also spelled as
“rotti” or “roty”. Roti in Sri Lanka is made out of flour and Coconut and looks like a Pan Cake,
but a lot thicker and harder than a Pan Cake. Locals eat it with a hot Salad or a Curry. A pastry
with Vegetable curry is called a Vegetable Roti and a Pastry with Chicken curry is called a
Chicken Roti.
Kottu Roti
This is equitant to your Kebabs. When you are hungry after a few drinks in the late evening, this
is what you eat. It is a mixture of chopped up Nan Bread, Eggs, Vegetables, Spices and Meat
[on request] that has been on a Grill. This is the most popular street food in Sri Lanka. You can
watch it being cooked and the Noise it makes when chopping up the Nan Bread would not go
String Hoppers
String hoppers is a Rice Flour Noodle based thin, Pancake. You would need about ten of them
for a meal. String Hoppers are served with at least three Dishes of Vegetable curries. It is served
for breakfast and dinner.
Short Eats
This is a unique term used for Street Food in Sri Lanka. You find these in Bakeries and there is a
reasonable choice of them. Mashed up Potato and some curry in a Pastry would be a Vegetable
Roti, You could also try Egg Roti, Chicken Roti etc. Deep fried Lentils is called Dhal Cake [
Wade] .
Sea Food
Being a tiny Island makes Sri Lanka a great place to try fresh Seafood. There are a lot of local
Restaurants selling quality Seafood on the Beaches. Tiger prawns, Jumbo Prawns, Crabs, Lobster
and Langoustine are so fresh coming direct from the local Oceans. The variety of Fish is
amazing. Red Snapper, Tuna, Barracuda, Sword fish are a few to name.
Ceylon Tea it is. Being one of the major Tea exporters in the World we offer really good Tea.
You can try the pure Tea such as BOPF or BOP , Blended Tea and flavored Tea. You can see the
Journey from Leaf to Cup at a Tea Factory.
The National alcoholic drink is called Arrack which comes from the Coconut Palm. Palm Toddy
is tapped out of the Coconut Flower and distilled to produce Arrack which has a volume of
around 30 % Alcohol. You can try it with Coke, Soda or Ginger Beer. Beer is not that Popular in
Sri Lanka and there aren’t that many types to choose from. The widely available & popular
brand is the Lion Larger.
The island’s tropical fruit cornucopia includes non-seasonal fruits such as Pineapple, Banana,
Papaya and Water Mellon. Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Mangoes, Guava, Mangos tin ,
Rambutans and Star Fruits are seasonal and you can try them if you are in Sri Lanka at the right
time. The Orange Coconut called King Coconut is sold by the roads and tastes so much better
than the bottled Coconut Water.
You might occasionally find our curries a bit too Spicy. The Hotels would water the curries
down for you on request. After a few days in to the Holiday, you will slowly, but surely get
used to our spicy food.
Endless Sri Lankan Hospitality

Endless Sri Lankan Hospitality

Sri Lanka has a high reputation on hospitality as our social orientation hinges on a
tradition of care and empathy. Often, Sri Lankans are credited for their warmth and
friendly nature which is shown towards our travelers and tourists without a
difference. From airport services to a commoner in a street our friendliness is
chained ensuring a secure holiday on this island.
Hospitality includes security, comfort and making a clear impact, in all which Sri
Lankans are experts on. In all the mesmerizing locations, the central hills, the
intriguing beaches of north and south and all the wildlife destinations in Sri Lanka
is accommodated well, ranking high in hospitality with opulent hotels which
ensures all the luxury you need.
All travel destinations of Sri Lanka ensure maximum safety of the travelers and
accommodate the best guides which provide not only your safety but also a broad
knowledge of the places of visit. Sri Lanka will never give up under any
circumstance and you shouldn’t either.
The New Sri Lanka After the Pandemic.

The New Sri Lanka After the Pandemic.

Sri Lanka, The Perl of the Indian Ocean has a proven history of rising
from the ashes like the Phoenix. The 30 year old civil War, the
Tzunami in 2004 and the Easter Sunday attack in 2019 are evidences
to the above statement.
The COVID-19 outbreak was the latest challenge the Country faced
and it has handled the Pandemic very well. Sri Lanka has now
returned to normal life and the Airport will be opened on the 1 st of
August to receive Tourists in to the Country.
Srilanka was one of the first countries to set Quarantine canters and
use the Military and Police to support the National Health Service to
combat the Pandemic which has paid very rich dividends.
The Tourists who are planning to travel to the Island Nation need to
attach a Covid 19 negative report with their Visa application. On arrival
they will be tested at the Airport and again after 5 days at the location
they are at, in the Country.
Though this exercise is not very convenient, under the given
circumstances SriLanka has no choice but to think of the safety of its
people. With all these safety measures, SriLanka has turned out to be
one of the safest Countries to visit.