Climb Pidurangala Rock

One of the first attractions that comes to mind when you think of Sri Lanka is Sigiriya Rock – the colossal 650 feet tall rock fortress in Sigiriya. What few travellers know, however, is there is another large rock formation close by, with equally impressive views - Pidurangala.
While the Sigiriya Rock Fortress is overall more impressive and deserves its reputation as a ‘must see’ during any Sri Lankan tour, Pidurangala provides a great additional climb for those visiting the region for a couple of days or even an alternative for travellers looking for a less busy and cheaper climb with equally rewarding views from the top.

Sigiriya Rock vs Pidurangala

For anyone weighing up whether to climb Sigiriya Rock or Pidurangala our advice would nearly always be to choose Sigiriya. Sigiriya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site steeped in history and comes highly recommended – that’s why we include it in all of our tours to Sri Lanka.

That said, Pidurangala does offer some advantages – namely, due to being less known and being of less significance it is cheaper to visit and has much fewer people climbing it. The fee for Pidurangala includes a visit to the Pidurangala cave temple which contains a reclining Buddha and cave paintings.

The climb up Pidurangala Rock is shorter but more challenging than that of Sigiriya. The majority of the climb requires only a minimal level of fitness but the last section involves climbing up larger rocks with both hands and feet, requiring a moderate level of fitness. That said, most travellers with moderate fitness levels would find the climb comfortable and rewarding.

The views from the top of Pidurangala are as impressive as those at Sigiriya Rock with sweeping panoramic views as far as the eyes can see.

While Pidurangala Rock cannot beat the world wonder that is Sigiriya, it is most definitely worth a trip if you have enough time to visit both rock formations. You’ll get to experience the historic and natural gem that is Sigiriya Rock as well as enjoy the uninterrupted views to yourself at Pidurangala!

We visit Sigiriya Rock during all of our Sri Lankan tours, but we can also arrange an additional trip to Pidurangala Rock during your own customised tour of Sri Lanka – please get in touch to discuss.

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