Train ride from Pattipola through the tea plantations to Ella

The scenic train ride from Sri Lanka’s highest railway in Pattipola is the perfect way to spend an afternoon after visiting the beautiful Horton Plains.
Situated nearly two kilometres above sea level, Pattipola rail station is the highest railway station in Sri Lanka and is conveniently located close to Horton Plains and Worlds End.
Taking the train from Pattipola to Ella provides stunning scenery as the train meanders through the beautiful hill country and the picturesque Sri Lankan tea plantations. Sitting back and enjoying the fantastic views is the perfect way to recharge after trekking Horton Plains.

The beautiful Hill Country village of Ella

As the train snakes through the lush countryside your destination is the laid back village of Ella in the southern edge of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country.

Ella is very tourist friendly, with many bars and cafes specifically catering for visitors by serving coffee and even the UK’s favourite dish – fish and chips. While there is not a great deal to do in Ella itself, it serves perfectly as a relaxing hub nestled in the scenic Hill Country.

About five kilometres from Ella is the spectacular Ravana Ella Falls. Some people choose to walk to the falls so they can take in the lovely views but if you’re still tired from your mornings trek through Horton Plains you can catch the bus that will take you to the falls.

If you are staying in longer in Ella, and would like a challenging walk, then we would recommend a walk up Ella Rock – it takes between 4 and 5hrs. There are stupendous views of Ella itself and of the southern plains.

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