Watch the sunrise at Little Adam’s Peak, Ella

If trekking the legendary Adam’s Peak sounds a bit too daunting, Little Adams Peak in Ella offers a much gentler option, standing about half the height of its big brother.
As you may have guessed, Little Adam’s Peak is named after the larger Adam’s Peak Mountain found in the centre of Sri Lanka, west of Little Adam’s Peak. The larger mountain was named after the footprint shaped depression in the mountain, the origin of which is said to be from Adam’s first footstep on earth, hence giving the name to the mountain. Little Adam’s Peak has a similar shape.
Adam’s Peak stands at over 2,200 meters tall whereas Little Adam’s Peak is a little over 1,100 meters high and has a much gentler climb up to the top.

Go early for the sunrise!

The path up Little Adam’s Peak is well signposted and takes you through the stunning tea plantations Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is famous for. The climb is not at all as demanding as that found at Adam’s Peak but it can become somewhat steep at the final stages up to the peak.

The early morning is by far the best time to trek up the mountain. Setting off an hour before should provide ample time to reach the peak and enjoy the magnificent sunrise and wide-reaching views. The views from the top also tend to be clearer first thing in the morning when the air is clear of any mist and jog.

Be sure to wear a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes and take up plenty of water.

The cafe at 98 Acres next to Little Adam’s Peak is a great place to stop off for breakfast and refreshments before/after your trek.

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