Aukana Buddha statue in Kekirawa

Aukana is the tallest Buddha statue in Sri Lanka, standing 12 metres tall. Located in the village of Aukana (close to Kekirawa), central Sri Lanka, the imposing statue dates back to the 5th century and is one of the best and most well preserved statues on the island.

Now a magnet for tourist to Sri Lanka, the forty foot statue is carved out of an imposing slab of granite rock and is an example of Abhayamudra, or a “gesture of fearlessness”, with the right arm bent and raised to shoulder height, palm exposed. This gesture represents peace, protection and the dispelling of fear.

Carved into the granite rock face, the statue is widely considered the best example of a Buddha statue on the island and was skilfully carved. The robe was delicately carved and beautifully conveys the realistic form and shape of the underlying body. The face is placid in expression, projecting and reinforcing the fearlessness the statue represents.

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Photos taken of the Aukana Buddha statue

Aukana Buddha statue in Kekirawa 1
Aukana Buddha statue in Kekirawa 2
Aukana Buddha statue in Kekirawa 3
Aukana Buddha statue in Kekirawa 4

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