Sri Lanka’s whalewatching season starts in November

The whale watching season in Sri Lanka is fast approaching - commencing November and going on until the end of April (outside of this time, the seas are too rough).
The boats leave Mirissa on the southern Sri Lankan coast at approx. 7am and will be out for between 3 and 5hrs (depending on sightings and sea conditions). It is pretty much guaranteed that you would see Blue Whales, but you would be likely to see Spinner Dolphins too and if you are lucky, a Sperm Whale. Your first sighting of a Blue Whale is breath-taking - the magnificent creature can be up to 100ft (30m) (of which you will see a third) long and weigh 200 tons, living between 80-90yrs. Before diving, the whales emit a single spout of up to 30ft (9m) high, and their tail (fluke) will then appear out of the water. Each dive will last about 10mins and the whales will dive to depths over 100m eating approx. 3.5 tons (600 kgs) of krill in a single day. That’s a whole lot of krill!
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