Best month to visit Sri Lanka – part 2

In part 2 of answering “when is the best month to visit Sri Lanka?” we explore the cultural and wildlife opportunities Sri Lanka has to offer from July through to December.
If you haven’t done so already, please first read part 1 of this article - the best month to visit Sri Lanka.

July – September, sunny days with little rainfall, perfect for sun worshipers. Plus, catch the “The Gathering” at Minneriya and Esala Perahera in Kandy!

With average temperatures of 27° and low levels of rainfall, the beaches of Sri Lanka are a prime destination during the summer.

Surf season is in full force at Arugam Bay Beach, a magnet for surfers from across the world who come to ride the high waves generated at the tip of the bay.

The likes of Unawatuna Beach are popular for travellers looking for the usual beach spot – a place to soak up the sun, grab something to eat or partake in water sports such as snorkelling.

A spectacular highlight of Sri Lanka’s wildlife occurs during the summer months – “The Gathering” of hundreds of elephants at Minneriya National Park. The hundreds of elephants all converge on the plains during the dry season, so the summer months of July through to September usually provide the best opportunity to witness the unmissable event.

When visting in July/August you’ll also get to experiance the amazing Esala Perahera in Kandy where jugglers, performers, fire-breathers and extravagantly decorated elephants take to the streets. The grand procession through Kandy

October – December, wetter weather typical as adventurers take on the Adams Peak Pilgrimage

It is more common to experience wetter weather during the end of the year, especially in the North East, although December usually brings the end of the monsoon and with it warmer, drier weather.

The whale watching season begins in November so be sure to visit Mirissa (situated on the southern coast) if you’re visiting Sri Lanka during these months for the opportunity to spot Blue whales, Sperm whales, Fin Whale and the occasional Killer Whale. A variety of dolphins can also be spotted including the Bottlenose, Spinner and Striped dolphin.

For the more adventurous, the Adam’s Peak pilgrimage season begins in December and sees countless climbers embark on the trek up Adams Peak in the early hours of the morning to witness the stunning sunrise from the top of the mountain. The climb takes a fair amount of stamina to complete and is perfect for those looking for a personal and rewarding challenge.

If you’re looking for further guidance on the best month to visit Sri Lanka take a look at our guide to the best times to visit Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka’s wildlife calendar which shows when the island’s famous wildlife can be sighted. Of course, also feel free to contact us for specific help regarding the planning of a customised Sri Lankan tour.

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