Best month to visit Sri Lanka

We often get asked “when is the best month to visit Sri Lanka?” – A question without a simple answer, given Sri Lanka is a year-round destination!
Add into the mix the complex annual weather patterns experienced on the small island, you’ll soon appreciate the question is rather more complicated and greatly depends on where you plan to go and do during your Sri Lankan tour.

January – March, comfortable weather for sightseeing and prime whale watching season

With temperatures typically ranging from 25° to 30° and there being little in the way of rainfall, the first few months of the year are a great time to visit Sri Lanka and take in its many sightseeing opportunities.

Take the opportunity the weather brings to tour around the world famous cultural sites such as SigiriyaDambullaPolonnaruwa and sightsee in the amazing Anuradhapura City.

For nature lovers, January through March is prime whale watching season in Sri Lanka. Travel down to the southern coast of the island and visit the small town of Mirissa, the best place on the island to go dolphin and whale watching. An observation boat will take you just off the coast in Weligama Bay which provides the perfect conditions for spotting Blue whales, Sperm whales, Fin Whale and the occasional Killer Whale. A variety of dolphins can also be spotted including the Bottlenose, Spinner and Striped dolphin.

April – June, is festival season as temperatures rise, the South West experiences short, intense rainfall

The temperatures stay fairly elevated during the early summer months so it’s best to avoid being out sightseeing in the middle of the day when temperatures are at their highest. Remember, most of Sri Lanka’s cultural sights involve walking! The South West of Sri Lanka can experience some short, intense rainfall during this period.

The islands beaches become increasingly popular during the early summer as the temperatures rise and the other areas of the island avoid the rainfall.

If you visit Sri Lanka in the middle of April you will get to experience the unmissable New Year celebration which is celebrated all across the island. The island is both busy and joyous , with the people moving out into the streets for fun games once the customary rituals have been complete.

We said Sri Lanka is a year-round destination! We can’t fit the entire year into a single article so please continue reading part 2 of the best month to visit Sri Lanka to see the cultural and wildlife opportunities Sri Lanka has to offer from July through to December.

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