Dolphin watching like nowhere else in the world

Sri Lanka proudly holds the title of the best place in the world for whale and dolphin watching.
Pods of Bottlenose, Spinner and Striped dolphin glide through the warm, crystal clear waters off the coast of Sri Lanka year round. If the sight of dolphins torpedoing through the Indian Ocean isn’t enough, you’ll also get to encounter Sperm whales, the occasional Killer whale, and the largest creature ever – the Blue whale!

What makes Sri Lanka the best place for dolphin watching

The high encounter rate of dolphin and whales, particularly at Mirissa situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, is thanks to the perfect conditions of warm, bio-rich waters surrounding the island and the continental shelf being a mere three miles off the coast.

Only South Africa can come close to rivalling Sri Lanka when it comes to whale and dolphin watching, but even the Western Cape cannot compete with the encounter rates experienced in Sri Lanka and the diverse range of magnificent marine creatures that can be spotted.

We would generally recommend Mirissa as the best place to go dolphin and whale watching in Sri Lanka. The season there runs from November through to April and you will have a very high chance of spotting a variety of the sea life, from various species of dolphin, to Sperm whales, the Blue whale and the odd Killer whale!

If you’re visiting the west coast of Sri Lanka, Alankuda beach also provides a great opportunity to experience dolphin spotting. Viewing boats regularly take off from Alankuda, taking lucky people off the coast to marvel at the amazing dolphins that swim just off the coast.

You’ll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to go dolphin and whale watching at Mirissa during our group tours to Sri Lanka. We can also arrange for you to experience the wonder of whale and dolphin spotting during your very own tailor-made tour to Sri Lanka, simply get in touch to discuss your perfect trip.

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