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Immerse Yourself in the Marvels of Sri Lanka's Turtle Hatcheries

Sri Lanka's stunning beaches and rich biodiversity make it a perfect destination for families seeking adventure, education, and relaxation. Experience the wonders of the island's turtle hatcheries, where you can witness the incredible journey of sea turtles and contribute to marine conservation efforts. With The Unique Travel Company's affordable holiday tours to Sri Lanka, your family can enjoy unforgettable experiences without exceeding your budget. Discover the beauty of Sri Lanka's coastal conservation and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

Discover Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa


A Jewel of Conservation on Sri Lanka’s South Coast

Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa is a premier turtle conservation project on Sri Lanka's picturesque south coast. This renowned hatchery is dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles, providing a safe haven where they can recover and thrive. Visitors can participate in educational tours and interactive exhibits, learning about the life cycle of sea turtles, the threats they face, and the hatchery’s crucial conservation efforts. Located in a beautiful coastal setting, Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa offers a unique opportunity for families to engage in marine conservation and enjoy an unforgettable adventure in Sri Lanka.

Key Highlights of Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa

  • Rescue and Rehabilitation

Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa focuses on rescuing injured or stranded sea turtles, providing them with the care they need to recover. The hatchery’s team of dedicated experts works tirelessly to rehabilitate these turtles, ensuring they are healthy enough to be released back into the ocean. This essential work not only helps individual turtles but also contributes to the overall health of marine ecosystems.

  • Egg Collection and Nesting

One of the hatchery's primary missions is to protect turtle nests from predators and poachers. Eggs are carefully collected from nearby beaches and brought to the hatchery, where they are incubated in a safe environment until they hatch. This meticulous process is vital for the preservation of endangered sea turtle species, ensuring that future generations can thrive.

  • Hatchling Releases

Visitors to Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa can participate in the exhilarating experience of releasing hatchlings into the ocean. This event is not only heartwarming but also crucial for the survival of these young turtles as they embark on their journey in the wild. Each release is a step toward sustaining the delicate balance of oceanic life and promoting biodiversity.

  • Educational Tours

The hatchery offers educational tours that provide valuable insights into the life cycle of sea turtles and the importance of conservation. These tours are designed to raise awareness and inspire visitors to contribute to the preservation of marine life. By educating the public, the hatchery helps to cultivate a generation of informed and passionate conservationists.

  • Interactive Learning

With interactive exhibits and informative displays, Turtle Hatchery Hikkaduwa engages visitors of all ages. Families can learn about the various species of sea turtles, their habitats, and the threats they face in an engaging and accessible manner. The hatchery's educational initiatives aim to empower visitors with the knowledge to support sustainable practices.

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