Exploring Caves in Sri Lanka

The island nation of Sri Lanka, known for its breathtaking golden sandy beaches, green hill country, and amazing wildlife, has an enchanting beauty just waiting to be discovered. SriLanka has an incredible treasure of historic caves beyond its well-known wonders. You'll be amazed by the mystery and majesty of these hidden caves as they are that much fascinating and exciting to see. They offer an image that inspires your inner explorer while revealing Sri Lanka's extensive history and stunning natural beauty.
Dambulla Cave Temple
The Dambulla Cave Temple also known as the Golden Temples of Dambulla is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cave showcases the country's rich historical achievements and it is a well-preserved cave complex in Sri Lanka. You'll find an incredible collection of 153 Buddha statues, along with three statues of Sri Lankan kings and queens. This is undoubtedly a ``must visit site in SriLanka.
Aluvihara Cave Temple
The Aluvihara Cave Temple is a relatively new and the statues and paintings are very well preserved. The books related to the Buddhist preaching have been copied to Ola leaf books here and now there is a library which is home for the collection of unique books written on palm leaves.
Pahiyangala Cave
Pahiyangala Cave is the largest natural rock cave in Sri Lanka and its history runs back to thousands of years. The cave is a fascinating attraction for many tourists and nature lovers. This cave has been home for the old stone aged people who lived during pre-historic times. For those who are interested in culture and archaeology, this cave provides an exciting insight into Sri Lanka's ancient past.
Ravana Cave
The Ravana Cave is significant historically as the location where the legendary King Ravana hid Princess Sita after abducting her from her husband, Rama, in India.  The cave currently serves as an amazing example of King Ravana's construction ability because it is said that he connected it to a network of tunnels that connected to key locations throughout his vast kingdom. This location, which is just 2 kilometers from Ella, provides a fascinating look into the culture and history..
Waulpane Cave
Waulpane Cave is an interesting underground location where you can see ancient rock drawings painted by people who lived long ago. The cave is dark and mysterious, but it's a great adventure for explorers and history lovers. The cave walls have vivid paintings that depict historical narratives.


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