Hydro Engineering civilization of Sri Lanka

Hydro Engineering civilization of Sri Lanka

The life of the Srilankans had been based around Water and the History reveals the value of Water. The whole mark of our civilization had been Agriculture. Even today, we are nearly self-sufficient in Food. Huge man made reservoirs [We call them Tanks] were built to store water. When you travel to the dry Zone which is about two thirds of the Country, you will get to see massive ancient reservoirs. These Reservoirs are fed by the rain water from the Wet Zone. Water is been diverted along long Canals from the Wet Zone to the Dry Zone. Some of these projects are seen as Hydro- Engineering wanders as they are still functioning and the most impressive project being Parakrama Samudraya in Polonnaruwa which was the second indigenous Capital of the Country. This particular Tank is in an area of over six thousand Acers and is the largest man made Reservoir in the Country. Had it not been for these irrigation schemes, growing crops in Srilanka would have been restricted

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