Preserving Sri Lanka’s Threatened Wildlife

Sri Lanka, is home for a lot of mammals, Birds, reptiles and amphibians. The bio- diversity of this little Island is amazing and is truly a paradise for wild life lovers.
The elephant gatherings at Minneriya National park where hundreds of Elephants are seen is a truly unique experience. The Yala National park has the highest
concentration of Leopards in the World. The Wilpatthu National park is known for its high concentration of Sloth bear. The Gal oya National park is the only park in the World to see swimming Asian Elephants. There is guarantee of seeing crocodiles, Wild boa, Deer, different types of monkeys and a variety of birds.
However, wild life is been threatened by various factors some within control and some being natural causes. Some elephants go the bordering villages and destroy the farmer’s crops and homes. They get to the villages through the sugar cane, pineapple and banana plantations. The Leopards too get to the villages to catch animals in farms. This animal human conflict sometimes results in the death of Animals.
The wildlife conservation department is making an attempt to stop the animals from coming in to villages by building electric fences and holes to obstruct the animal corridors. The farmers have been educated not to grow crops that are edible to Elephants and build steel pens for their Animals.
Though the numbers of the Elephants and the Leopards are stable, It is been recognized as a top priority to manage the conflicts. The Red Slender Loris is a rare and endangered animal found in Sri Lanka. Deforestation and habitat destruction have posed significant threats to these small, wide-eyed mammals. Sri Lanka has taken measures to preserve the native habitats of these rare species and raise awareness about the importance of conservation. The Toque Macaque, also known as "Rilawa" is one of the fascinating animals in Sri Lanka that you can frequently spot in the country's lush forests. These monkeys
live in troops and they are called temple monkeys as they commonly live in the surroundings of temples and other cultural sites in addition to the forests.  These are in danger due to habitat loss and human activity. Sri Lanka is actively working on conservation initiatives to safeguard these monkeys as they are endemic to Sri Lanka.
The Black-Necked Stork is a beautiful bird in Sri Lanka that is struggling with endangerment. The loss of wetland habitat and other human activities has put these magnificent stork in danger. The country has established, protected and preserved wetland areas in order to safeguard these large bird.

Visit Sri Lanka to see these lovely specimens and have a memorable holiday while helping to preserve nature's wonders!


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