Sri Lanka known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean and the Wonder of Asia has so much to offer for tourists. The golden sandy beaches are good for Water sports, the hill country with amazing scenery, The National parks with unique wildlife, The ancient cities and cultural sites, and fun activities such as white water rafting, Zip-lining make Srilanka a very special holiday destination that offers something for everyone. The friendly, gentle, helpful ever smiling locals are a huge asset to the tourism industry. Srilankans are very resilient people. After having been through a series of unfortunate events, they have come back strongly with that familiar smile on their faces. Kandy Kandy is the most popular city among travelers. This was the last indigenous Capital of the Country tucked in the hills of Central Srilanka. The Lake in the heart of the city is a highlight with so much happening around it. The most sacred temple of the Buddhists called the Temple of the Tooth is located in Kandy and houses a tooth of Buddha. This is the most visited temple in the country and the locals make an effort to visit the temple at least once a year. The best time to visit the temple is during the ceremony which is held every day. The Royal Botanical Garden in Kandy is the best in Srilanka. This is in an area of over 63 hectares and you can easily spend a day here if you are keen on trees and flowers. The vibrant town, the colorful fruit and vegetable market, the spice market, and the little restaurants and bars should not be missed in this wonderful city.

The Butterfly Mountain - Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak, often referred to as “Sri Pada,” is the most climbed Mountain in Sri Lanka. The Buddhists believe that Buddha has planted his footprint on the top of the Mountain and the pilgrims climb the mountain to get to the footprint of Buddha. As far as the tourists are concerned, the highlight here is watching the Sunrise. Going up the lit-up Mountain with the locals through the night is a unique experience. The pilgrim season starts on the full moon day of December and finishes on the full moon day of May. The mountain standing at 2,243 meters is by far the most popular Mountain in the Country.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage has mixed reviews and people have different views about the place. The elephants here have lost their herds and have become orphans in the Wild. They were then rescued from being lonely by the Wildlife conservation department and brought to Pinnawala orphanage. If they were not rescued they would have died as they are sociable animals and cannot live on their own. All the elephants you see at the orphanage would have been dead if the Pinnawala orphanage did not exist. There are nearly a hundred Elephants here and feeding them is no easy task. Hence, The Pinnawala orphanage has no choice, but to expose the elephants to tourists to make some money to feed the Elephants. If you can see both sides of the story, then The Pinnacle Orphanage is a good place to visit.

Nature’s Playground - Kitulgala

Kitulgala is the one and only base for white water rafting in Sri Lanka. The Keleni River which flows through the little village, and starts up in Adam`s peak. You have the opportunity to do grade three or grade one rafting. You get to see the location of the film ``Bridge over the River Kwai` from your raft. The wet evergreen vegetation gives you the feeling of an isolated rainforest. Abseiling, cannoning, and kayaking too can be done at Kithulgala. Kithulgala is home to a lot of rear birds making it a paradise for bird watchers. There are a lot of walks and treks that go through the little villages where you get to experience the real local walk of life

The Mountains in Isolation – Knuckles Range

If you like peace and quiet, The Knuckles range is the best. Known as the mountains in the mist, these isolated Mountain range has so much bio-diversity and different climatic zones. The climb to the Manigala Rock is an amazing experience through the rice paddy and the authentic vegetation native to the Knuckles range. The breathtaking views and the sound of the jungle in the middle of nowhere make this trek mystical and magical.

Bridge in the Sky - Nine Arch Bridge

The Nine arch bridge was built by the British, connecting two mountains in 1921. This bridge is seen as a railway wander as the firm nine arches are still standing tall in the wilderness. The bridge is between the famous Ella and Demodara train stations and you can easily walk to the bridge from Ella along the train track. The best time to visit the bridge is to see the train going over it around 3.30 pm. If you are in the train from Ella to Demodara, the best view of the bridge is on the left.

The Sacred City of Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura was the first ancient Capital of Sri Lanka from the 1 century BC till the 10th century AD. This is claimed to be the longest-lived capital in the World which was 1500 years. The City that was flourishing at that time showcases the glory of the Srilankan civilization. Abayagiriya the tallest relic temple, Srimahabodhiya the oldest tree with recorded history, Ruwanweli Saya the temple with Jewells and the twin ponds with detailed stone sculptures are living proofs of that advanced and innovative civilization. Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination for travelers looking for adventure, culture, and relaxation. A journey to this lovely country can be both memorable and unforgettable. We can help you to create beautiful memories in Sri Lanka with careful planning.

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