Sri Lanka, the best wildlife holiday destination in the world

It’s a bold claim, but one that is unmistakably true. Blessed with amazing bio-diversity, high encounter rates and with both stunning land and marine wildlife to be seen, Sri Lanka is the best wildlife holiday destination in the world.
Sri Lanka has always been fortunate to have its dazzling mix of big game animals, marine life and array of endemic species. However, it’s only with the islands recent development that traveling across the island to see the impressive wildlife is that much easier thanks to the decent tourist infrastructure now in place.
Routinely ranked as the number one destination to spot Blue Whales and Leopards, and the best place for big game safaris outside of Africa, all on a compact, well developed island - Sri Lanka is undoubtedly the best overall wildlife holiday destination.
Here are some of Sri Lanka’s wildlife highlights:

Blue Whales

Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is ranked as the number one place in the world to see the planets largest ever creature – the Blue Whale. This is thanks to the very high encounter rates experienced off the coast of Sri Lanka, with the continental shelf being only some 3miles out from Mirissa, this provides the perfect conditions for spotting these amazing giants.

It’s not just the Blue Whale you’ll experience when whale watching in Sri Lanka. The island also boasts the highest encounter rate in the world for Sperm Whales – the largest toothed predator. A wide array of dolphin is also usually spotted, including the Bottlenose, Spinner and Striped dolphin.

Sri Lanka’s whale watching season runs from November through to April and offers an excellent chance to spot the amazing marine life.

Leopards and big game

If you’re looking to spot the majestic Leopard then Yala National Park is one of the best places on the planet to see the predator thanks to its very high population density. The amazing creatures can also be spotted in Wilpattu National Park which is located close to the historic city of Anuradhapura.

Plenty of big game animals can also be spotted across the island so a safari trip through the likes of Yala National Park (Yala is home to over forty varieties of mammal and two hundred species of bird!) is highly recommended if you’re looking to encounter an amazing array of animals.

The Elephant Gathering

Witnessing the stunning spectacle of “The Gathering” in Minneriya National Park is a must for any wildlife lover.

During the summer months up to three hundred Sri Lankan elephants converge on the grassy plains of Minneriya National Park, in the north central region of Sri Lanka, drawn to the area due to its food, water and shelter. The experience is a highlight of many of our travellers and is highly recommended!

Minneriya is also a paradise for birdwatchers, with painted storks, grey herons, grey white pelicans, lesser adjutants, Sri Lanka jungle fowl, brown-capped babblers calling the park home, just to name a few.

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