Sri Lanka’s Endemics

Sri Lanka’s Endemics

Till the recent past, Srilanka was seen as a Beach destination for package Tourists. But there is so much to explore in Srilanka, than just sitting on the Beach. Its rich History and culture, Fun activities, Wild life, flora and Fauna are worth explored. Srilanka has so many native species of Wild life, Trees and Plants. The hot spot for Endemic species is, the Sinharaja rain forest which is Home for many Sri Lankan endemic species. Some of the endemic Animals found at Sinharaja are Giant squirrel, dusky-striped jungle squirrel, badger mongoose and purple-faced leaf monkey. Some of the common native Birds are Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon, Green-Billed Coucal, Sri Lankan white-headed starling, Red-faced Malkoha, Green-billed Caucal, Sri Lanka Spur fowl, Sri Lankan Blue Magpie, and Ashy-headed Babbler. The Sri Lankan Elephant is a sub species of the Asian Elephant. The Srilankan Elephants have pigmentation on their Trunks and ears. Elephant Gatherings happen in Srilanka very often, where you get to see over two hundred Elephants.

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