Sri Lanka’s Tea Culture and Tasting Experiences

History of Tea in Sri Lanka

The British first introduced Coffee to Srilanka and turned the nation into one of the world's top producers of coffee. But due to a fungus disease, Coffee production in Sri Lanka started to dip and the British very quickly swathed on to Tea in 1865. The key figure in making this move was James Tailor who had extensive knowledge about flora in this part of the World. Even today Srilanka is one of the major Tea exporters in the World and Srilanka produces some of the best Tea in the World

Visits the Iconic Tea Plantations in Sri Lanka

When you get to the hills of Srilanka, you get to see thousands of acres of Tea that looks like a green carpet over the hills. There is a popular trail called Peako trails through the Tea plantations, which covers a distance of  300 KM  in 22 stages which is the longest walking trail in Sri Lanka. If you are not into trekking, there are a lot of shorter walks to get the feel of the Tea plantations.   
  Nuwara Eliya or Little England is home to the best Srilankan tea that grows above 5000 feet from sea level. There are several Tea factories you could visit to see the journey from leaf to cup. You will not realize, how much hard work goes into your cup of tea until you see it. You can learn about the different types of tea such as BOPF[ Broken orange Peako finings], POB [Broken orange Peako] OP [ Orange Peako] FP [Flowery Peako], and white Tea.  The Damro Tea factory is the most popular spot among visitors as they do a very clear demonstration and offer you different types of tea to try.       
  Ella-   This is the border between the Hill Country and the mid-country. The tea grown around Ella is a bit on the stronger side and most of his Tea is exported to the Far- East. 
The Halpewattha Tea Factory
-   is the best place to visit around Ella.

The low country tea -  We grow tea in the low country as well, but this is not that known in your part of the World as you need to drink this tea with milk and sugar as it is very strong our main market is in the middle and Far East. The best area to explore low-country tea is around Deniyaya, closer to the Singharaja rain forest.       

Indulge in Different Types of Ceylon Tea

Green Tea - Green tea is made from freshly processed tea leaves. They are not going through an oxidation process. Most of the time, the flavors of green tea can be changed from region to region and may frequently give distinct tastes.  
  Black Tea - Black tea is the most popular tea in the world going through a process of heating the leaves for several hours after being plucked. The outcome is a strong and delightful tea and the majority of tea lovers are more interested in black tea.
  Purer Tea - This tea is slightly wet and stored underground to obtain a fantastic flavor with a strong taste. The amazing thing about Pu-erh tea is that it tastes similar to wine and gets even better as it gets older. In addition to these teas, you can also experiment with the exquisite flavors of
White Tea and
Oolong Tea, as well as a variety of other alluring types of tea.

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