The amazing Buddhist temples of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been the focal point of Buddhist teachings since the third century BC. Today, over 70% of the population of the small island are Buddhists.
With more than 2,000 years of practicing Buddhism and culture, Sri Lanka can boast its ancient Buddhist temples like few places in the world. What’s more, because Buddhism is still the islands primary region, you can heighten your experience of visiting the Buddhist temples of Sri Lanka by coinciding it when the time of one of the many festivals that takes place.
The following are a few of the prominent temples you can see during a Sri Lankan tour:

Dambulla Cave Temple

The highlight of many travellers’ trips, Dambulla is the islands best preserved cave temple and is granted World Heritage status.

The cave complex is comprised of five separate caves which contain a magnificent array of stunningly coloured paintings and statues of Buddha and the island’s past kings.

Learn more about Dambulla Cave Temple.

Temple of the Tooth

Located in the ancient capital of Kandy, the Temple of the Tooth is the most revered site on the islands for Buddhists and is naturally a must see for anyone interested in the region.

It is the only temple in the world to house a tooth relic of Buddha himself, making it a magnet for pilgrims and tourists alike. The temple is quite specular, with a golden canopy and golden gate surrounding the beautiful casket, engraved with precious stones, which houses the tooth relic.

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To take yourself right back to the beginnings of Buddhism on the island you must visit the Aluvihare Rock Temple.

One of the oldest and most sacred temples on the island, it contains some of the most ancient Buddhist relics found anywhere in the world and is widely believed to the first location in which Buddhist teachings were first committed to writing.

Learn more about Aluvihare Rock Temple.

Embekke, Lankatilaka and Gadaladeniya

To see first-hand the very best of Sri Lankan craftsmanship a visit to the three temples in Gampola is essential.

Most travellers visit the three revered temples in succession – known as the three temple loop – first visiting Embekke, than Lankatilaka and then Gadaladeniya.

Learn more about the Three Temple Loop.

Tour the Buddhist temples of Sri Lanka

We visit many of the main Buddhist temples during our tours to Sri Lanka, allowing you to explore 2,000 years of rich culture and heritage. During a customised tour of Sri Lanka we can coincide your trip with one of the main festivals to ensure you have an extraordinary experience. Please contact us for more details.

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