The Ella Gap and its surroundings

The Ella Gap and its surroundings

The Ella gap can be seen at its best from the Little Adam’s peak which is 1141 meters above Sea level. But you can get decent views of the Ella Gap from the main road leading to the South East too. Technically, the Ella gap is a space between two long mountains that reveals an amazing view, all the way to the Southern coast of the island. You see a series of Mountains, Some reservoirs and the forests blended together stretching past 60 miles. Ella Gap is a unique creation of the Nature that should not be missed. Driving along the Road running parallel to Ella Gap is a great experience as you get to see different views and drops. You get to see the vibrant Rawana- Ella Waterfall by the side of the Road which is at its best soon after the Monsoons.

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