The New Sri Lanka After the Pandemic.

Sri Lanka, The Perl of the Indian Ocean has a proven history of rising from the ashes like the Phoenix. The 30 year old civil War, the Tzunami in 2004 and the Easter Sunday attack in 2019 are evidences to the above statement.
The COVID-19 outbreak was the latest challenge the Country faced and it has handled the Pandemic very well. Sri Lanka has now returned to normal life and the Airport will be opened on the 1 st of August to receive Tourists in to the Country.
Srilanka was one of the first countries to set Quarantine canters and use the Military and Police to support the National Health Service to combat the Pandemic which has paid very rich dividends. The Tourists who are planning to travel to the Island Nation need to attach a Covid 19 negative report with their Visa application. On arrival they will be tested at the Airport and again after 5 days at the location they are at, in the Country.
Though this exercise is not very convenient, under the given circumstances SriLanka has no choice but to think of the safety of its people. With all these safety measures, SriLanka has turned out to be one of the safest Countries to visit.

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