Top Ten Adventure activities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is no longer seen as just a beach holiday destination. It has so much to offer in the form of History, Culture, Nature, and Adventure. Srilanka is been recognized as a prime Adventure Holiday destination blended with nature which is a unique feature. Being a tropical Country, Sri Lanka is never short of exciting outdoor activities. The lush green vegetation and the Sunshine add so much color to the activities making them memorable to the travelers. The vast variety of landscapes and Bio- diversity allows the tourists to enjoy the different vibes and feels allowing them to gain unforgettable experiences. We have listed the top fifteen adventure activities based on our customer feedback. You have the choice to pick and choose your activities, which we can tailor-make into a tour. We have very carefully selected our service providers with the correct paperwork and qualified staff.

Cycling Tours

The back roads of Sri Lanka are well connected and you can easily cycle around to see all the highlights. You cycle through rice paddy fields, around lakes, and through the little villages and Tea plantations, feeling the pulse of the Country which most tourists do not get to experience. We use high-quality branded bikes such as Trek and Specialized.

Water Sports

Sri Lanka is an Island Nation, and the choice for water sports is immense. Due to the two different monsoons, you need to carefully pick the region you visit depending on the time of the year. The North and the East are at their best between July and November. The South and West Coasts are calm from November till April. Diving, Snorkeling, Surfing, and many more water sports are offered in this tropical Island. Negombo Lagoon is been identified as one of the best places in the World for Kite surfing.

Deep Sea Fishing and Lagoon Fishing

The Indian Ocean that surrounds the island of Sri Lanka is rich with Barracuda, Groupers, Jack Fish, Red Snappers, Sharks, Tuna, the stunning Waho, and White Snappers. You can spend an entire morning deep sea fishing and make it a fantastic experience. You can try lagoon fishing during the off-season in the quieter waters at the edge of the river mouth and further upstream. The best time to do this is in the morning or late afternoon for a couple of hours. You will have the opportunity of catching catfish, mangrove jacks, mullet, and snappers. As a bonus, you can enjoy the stunning scenery of rivers and wildlife in Sri Lanka.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

The ever-smiling, excited, mischievous dolphins will put on a show for you while some of the largest and oldest sea creatures, the blue whales and humpback, will casually glide past you when you experience a dolphin/whale watching expedition off the Eastern, Southern and Western coasts of Sri Lanka. The perfect locations for whale watching are Dondra Point, Mirissa, and Trincomalee. The ideal location for dolphin watching is Kalpitiya, which is well known to have an abundance of dolphins (Bottlenose, Humpback, and Spinner Dolphins). Killer whales and sperm whales too, are found here. In Kalpitiya, you can watch hundreds of dolphins diving under and swimming alongside your boat, jumping, leaping out of the water in a magical display, riding waves, spinning, and twirling. On a day with good sightings, this will be an unforgettable, magical experience.

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and trekking are getting very popular in Srilanka. The mountain rainforest of Knuckles Range is should be on your list as the place offers many options. The short walks such as the Little World`s End and Sera Ella are the most popular. Climbing Manigala Rock is a great trek in isolation with amazing views. If you are up to taking a challenge, you could walk from Reversten to Meemure which is a day`s trek where you move from North Central to Central Province. Ella is the next best place for Trekking and the most popular trek is the Little Adam`s Peak. The Ella Rock is a half a day trek through amazing scenery close to the Nine Arch Bridge. The trek that is visited least is the Rawana cave trek. If you fancy a peaceful, quiet walk absorbing the scenery, this is perfect for you. The cloud forests can be explored at Horton Plains National Park and if you wish you can climb the second-tallest peak Kirigalpottha or the third-tallest Thotupola Kanda. Though the most popular climb in Srilanka is Adam`s Peak from a trekking point of view, it is not the best as this can get very busy with pilgrims.


Hot Air Ballooning

Fancy a magical Bird`s eye view of the forests and the Lion Rock in Sigiriya?? Hot Air Ballooning is the answer. This ride is the most picturesque experience for sure. The Jungle with Elephants, The volcanic eruptions, the green rice paddy fields, and the Birds of prey will drive you to a different World

White Water Rafting, Sliding & Confident Jumping

Keleni River running through the little Village of Kithulgala offers you a full package of adventure. Grade three and Grade four rafting, Sliding & confident jumping can be done with in a couple of hours. The stunning Rain forest type thick vegetation and the suspension bridges add a different vibe to the activities. You get to see the location of the film ``Bridge over the River Kwai``.

Train Rides through the Hill Country

This is an activity you should not miss. The train twists and scrawls through the hills with thousands of acres of Tea and breathtaking views. It runs at around 20 miles per hour allowing you to take photos of the Waterfalls and the Tea pickers. The open doors and windows give you the chance to soak up the atmosphere. The best part of the Journey is from Nanuoya to Demodara where you see the famous nine-arch bridge.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing through the dense mangrove forests of Sri Lanka gives you an up-close look at the unique ecosystems. If you’re a nature lover who wants to experience the incredible biodiversity that Sri Lanka has to offer, then this activity is perfect for you. Whether you paddle through quiet waterways or navigating brackish channels, there'll always be something for everyone on a canoeing trip through the mangroves. Kayaking is usually done between the beach and a lagoon. You need a full day tour exploring the many ocean-based sights of the area. The tour is like a trip to an off-shore island. Along the way you will see many small islands with coral reefs, sea life and the waves crashing along the western coast.

Zip lining

This is the latest activity that has been added to the list. Zip lining can be done in Ella. The lines between the two hills give you the best feel of nature. You can combine this activity with Little Adam`s peak and Demodara Bridge. Sri Lanka is the ideal place to experience a wide range of adventure activities at a very fair cost. The standard of Health and safety is been very closely monitored by the authorities and the staff is qualified and experienced.

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