UK foreign office lifts travel ban on Sri Lanka

The UK foreign office has lifted the travel ban which was imposed after the terrorist attack on Easter Sunday. Tourism came to a standstill after the attack as most countries advised against holidays to the Island nation.

The Sri Lankan security forces have 30 years of experience in controlling & managing the Tamil tiger terrorists. The general public was on red alert at that time which helped the security forces immensely to guard the nation. After the war ended ten years ago, the people, security forces & the politicians dropped their guards assuming that Sri Lanka was safe and there was no security threat any longer. This is why, despite receiving security warnings, the authorities did nothing to address the issue and took it all very casually.
But now, the whole country has gone back to where we were ten years ago. The people are vigilant and observant; the security forces are on red alert and the government is watchful and national security gets priority over everything ells.

With these recent developments   our country is now safer than ever and the chance of another attack is extremely slim.
Bookings are slowly but surely picking up and we can assure you that Sri Lanka is a safe place to travel and we hope that we will get back to where we were before the attack as far as tourism is concerned.
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