Uncover the mysterious Forest Monastery of Ritigala!

Nestled away on the forested mountainside of Ritigala is a mysterious monastery, waiting to be uncovered! Dating back thousands of years, the ruins of the forest monastery of Ritigala are immersed in mystery and legend. The ruins sit on the eastern side of the Ritigala Mountain which is carpeted with lush, dense forest and home to countless species of wildlife.

An undiscovered gem close to Anuradhapura

Unlike the world famous cultural attractions you’ll visit during your Sri Lanka tour, such as SigiriyaDambulla and Kandy, Ritigala is fairly quiet and undeveloped, adding to its wonder and charm.

The enchanting ruins are spread out over several acres and were thought to be built during the 1st century. After entering the site you will first encounter the Banda Pokuna tank to the side of the archaic stone path which is believed to be where those entering the monastery would first clean themselves.

Following the ancient paths around the complex leads to various stone roundabouts where it is believed monastery visitors rested and reflected in a bygone age. Situated around the site are paired double-platform structures connected together by stone bridges. Almost certainly originally roofed, these structures were places of meditation and worship.

The monastery is located only forty or so kilometres away from the ancient city of Anuradhapura, the Sri Lankan city renowned for its historic ruins and points of culture. After several hours of sightseeing in Anuradhapura, uncovering the cultural ruins of Ritigala’s monastery under the shade of the wild forest is a great way to end a fantastic day of discovery!

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