Visit the Tea plantation in Sri Lanka

Visit the Tea plantation in Sri Lanka

You will start to look at the Cup of Tea on your table differently, after visiting the scenic Tea plantations in Sri Lanka.  Tea is mainly grown in the hill country, over the altitude of 4000 feet. When you hit the Hill Country, you will see thousands of Acers of Tea being grown, that would look like a green carpet over the hills. You will see the Tea Pickers in vibrant colors moving around picking the young tea leaves at a fairly quick phase. At a Tea factory, you get to understand the Journey from Leaf to Cup and the hard work that goes into producing your cup of Tea. Hill Country is the most picturesque area of Srilanka with colorful flowers, Waterfalls, and Viewpoints. The drive through the Tea country is an amazing experience with so much to see and there is never a dull moment with Photo opportunities coming up so very often. The Ceylon Tea is one of the best in the World and has been bringing Foreign exchange into the Country for generations. There are some amazing Unique Boutique Hotels tucked in the Tea plantations offering an unforgettable experience to our travelers. These Hotels were once, owned by British Tea Planters.   The Hill country experience will definitely stay as one of the Highlights of your Holiday in Sri Lanka.     

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