Whale Watching Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the World for Whale Watching. There is almost a guarantee that you will see Whales as the sighting percentage stands above 90%. The most common Whale in the Indian Ocean is the Blue Whale which is the largest surviving Mammal on Earth. Sperm Whale, Fin Whale, Bryde`s Whale, and falls killer Whales too are often spotted in the Srilankan waters. Apart from Whales, Bottle-nosed Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, flying fish, and turtles are spotted in the Srilankan waters. Mirissa in the southwest, Trincomalee in the northeast, and Kalpitiya on the northwest coast are the three main whale and dolphin-watching areas in Sri Lanka.

The best time to visit is between November and April when the sea is calm in the South and between July and October in the North The movement of the Whales is closely monitored by the Wildlife conservation department and the coast Guard. The boats are geared up with health and safety equipment and there is a very helpful crew on board. Depending on the sightings you spend three to five hours exploring the Indian Ocean.


Whale watching in Mirissa

Mirissa is the best and the most popular port to go whale watching in Sri Lanka..The best time to spot whales here is from November to April as the ocean is calm, and whales are migrating from the southern to the northern hemispheres. The geographic location makes it ideal for whale watching as this is where the continental shelf is at its narrowest, with ocean depths reaching 1km a few kilometers offshore.

Whale watching in Trincomalee

  Trincomalee has one of the largest natural harbors in this region and sandy, golden, and isolated beaches. Whale watching here is a lot quieter than in Mirissa. You do not see a lot of boats here allowing you to Whale watch leisurely. All the Whales found in Mirissa are seen in Trincomalee, but the percentage of success is not as high as in Mirissa

Whale watching in Kalpitiya

The least popular place is Kalpitiya. You often see a lot of Dolphins here, but the sightings of Whales are not great. But this is a very unique experience there will be very few boats in Sea. All the species of Whales seen in Mirissa are present in Kalpitiya, but they are in small numbers. The best time for Whale watching in Kalpitiya is from November to December and March till April.

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