Wildlife in Sri lanka

Every year, through August and September, up to 300 Asian elephants gather at Minneriya Lake. They are not having a party! These guys are looking for food and water, and Minneriya Lake offers the best chance for them in their search. August and September is the dry season. The Lake is man-made, meaning it is a reliable source of water. Thus, they come back every year. Witness the natural phenomenon that opens up the mysteries of these big animals' behaviour.
We would recommend anyone wanting to see the Sloth Bear to let us know as June usually offers the best time of year to spot these shy, retiring mammals. They have a passion for the fruit of the Palu tree which comes at this time and as the fruits are mildly intoxicating, the bears tend to saunter around without fear. As well as Sloth Bears you may also spot leopards in Yala – with the National Park boasting one of the highest leopard populations anywhere in the world.

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