Fort Printers, Galle

The Fort Printers is an 18th century mansion right within the heart of the Dutch Fort in Galle, which has been restored into an elegant small private hotel yet retaining the original architecture. There are no sea views as the hotel is in the middle of the Fort but the hotel does have a small (and rather thin) pool.

Hotel At a Glance

  • Standard : Boutique hotel- high

  • Rooms : 13 Suites comprising: Fort Printers mansion with 5 Suites - History, Geography, Arts, Headmaster’s and the Prefect’s- these names are a throw back to when it was a school. Church Street Wing (next to the Mansion) – five suites - Church Suite 1, Church Suite 2, Church Suite 3, Church Suite 4 and Church Suite 5 Pedlars Street Wing (across the street from the Mansion) with three Suites – Pedlar Suite 1, Pedlar Suite 2 and 54 Villa Room

  • Pool

  • AC

  • Wi-Fi

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