How we help Sri Lanka

We are committed to "responsible tourism" and are very actively involved in a range of projects to help the people of Sri Lanka. We are unique in that we are personally involved in each of our projects.

Teaching in Sri Lanka

Sue has a qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, so she has spent a couple of months every year for the past few years teaching English at a variety of levels in different schools across Sri Lanka, from the 6 year olds in Grade 2 at Habarana to the A Level students at Tissa Central College in Kalutara. Sue always has an amazing time and will be returning to do more teaching year on year as it is one of the most fulfilling things she has ever done.

Facilities at Tissa Central College, Kalutara

Sue provided sufficient funds for the installation of a toilet for the teachers at this school. Before she arrived, there were no facilities that they could use.  She also provided racking for the Staff Room as there were no storage facilities there.

Schools in the Negombo area

We have provided English reading books for a number of school libraries in the Negombo area. They just don't have interesting reading/picture books like we do in the UK which really stimulate an interest to read!

Our school projects for the future

We will carry on supplying English reading books to a variety of schools in the Negombo area because they have so few English books. These schools desperately need help in the teaching of English too, so we will be sending our Gap Year and Career break volunteers there. For each volunteer that we send, we will provide a set amount of money for the school where they are placed to help with the provision of resources and any projects that they are trying to undertake.

Building Tsunami Houses For 3 Families

Having travelled to Sri Lanka in August 2006, Sue was devastated to see so many Tsunami victims still being housed in tents, a year and a half after the Boxing Day Tsunami.  On returning to the UK, she decided to write to all her friends and relatives explaining the situation.  To her amazement she raised £4,000 to build some new houses.  With the help of Roshan and a local builder, The Unique Travel  Co was able to build 3 houses for Tsunami victims.

Roshan was very careful to verify all the records to make sure these were true Tsunami victims, and both Sue and Roshan have since visited these 3 families to see how they are getting on.  We also received a letter from the Divisional Secretariat thanking us for building the last house.

Thank You Letter

Click to read a letter of thanks for our work with the Tsunami victims.

Feast Day

Once a year Roshan's family hold a feast day. Over the year, the family have saved money with which they buy staple goods and then distribute them to poor people in the neighbourhood. This has been a family tradition for many years now and last year, they were able to help over 120 people with rice, lentils, canned fish etc.

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