Temple of the Tooth tour in Kandy

The stunning Temple of the Tooth in the ancient capital Kandy is a magnet for pilgrims and tourists alike. It is the most visited temple in the whole of Sri Lanka and is the only temple in the world with a tooth relic of Buddha himself.
Believed to house the tooth of the Buddha which was taken from him on his funeral pyre, the relic is of great importance to the many pilgrims who come to visit the shrine and has played a big role in the politics of the region with it being believed that those who hold the relic holds the governance.
When visiting Sri Lanka it is advised you take some time to sightsee in Kandy which is the ancient capital of the country, and take a Temple of the Tooth tour. The temple complex is one of the main reasons Kandy was awarded with World Heritage status.

Things to see during your Temple of the Tooth tour

Nestled on the edge of Lake Kandy, the exterior of the temple complex is a contrast to the splendid interior. The buildings are light with red roofs and the entire complex is contained within a short white stone wall which is splendidly decorated with small openings which house candles during festivals and ceremonies which makes for a spectacular sight.

By contrast the interior of the temple is richly decorated with carved inlaid woods. The tooth relic itself is located within the Handun kunama chamber. During your Temple of the Tooth tour you will notice above the main shrine is the beautiful golden canopy, built in 1987, which contains stunning golden lotus flowers and encircling the shrine is the notable golden fence.

The tooth relic is encased in seven caskets engraved with precious gemstones placed on a throne that is fronted by large elephant tusks.

Visiting the temple during your Sri Lanka tour

We visit the Temple of the Tooth in many of our pre-planned and bespoke Sri Lanka holidays, including the 8 Day Group Highlights Tour of Sri Lanka and 15 Day Group Family Sri Lankan Holiday.

To get the most out of your tour to the Temple of the Tooth we will ensure we visit during the ceremony so you can truly soak up the atmosphere of this special place.

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