Turtle hatchery in Bentota

A highlight for many during their Sri Lankan tour with us is the Turtle hatchery in Bentota, where you get to see one, two and three day old turtles.

Located south of Bentota, a beautiful resort town on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, the turtle hatchery is a big hit for families with both adults and kids finding the trip fun, engaging and informative.

There are only seven species of margin turtle in the world and five are found in the warm, clear waters off Sri Lanka’s coast. The five species; Hawksbill turtle, Loggerhead turtle, Green turtle, Leatherback turtle and the Olive Ridley turtle are bred at the turtle hatchery in Bentota, so you will get to see the variety of turtle Sri Lanka has to offer.

The baby turtles are very small, much smaller than the palm of a hand, and are released by the hatchery into the sea at night. You can carefully handle and touch the baby turtles and see first-hand how vulnerable they are. The people who run the hatchery are passionate about the conservation of these beautiful creatures and provide visitors with lots of useful information about the different varieties and their preservation.

I will remember many brilliant experiences of from this trip – riding Rani the elephant, holding a two-day old turtle, the festival in Kandy, Safari and cycling through the beautiful countryside
Sue & Sarah Clough – Bath, Wilts (15 Day Group Discover Sri Lanka Tour)

We visit the turtle hatchery in Bentota during our 15 Day Sri Lanka Itinerary for Groups, 15 Day Family Tour of Sri Lanka, 8 Day Highlights TourSri Lankan Luxury Tour and Honeymoon Tour of Sri Lanka. We can of course also include a trip to the Turtle hatchery, and other amazing wildlife experiences the country has to offer, within your own customised tour of Sri Lanka.

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