Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is just as renowned for her sensational and diverse wildlife as it is for its historic relics and stunning scenery, so take the unique chance the island offers with a mornings whale watching in Sri Lanka!
Sri Lanka is surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, a place many remarkable and rare creatures call home. While you’re in Sri Lanka it’s highly recommended you take the opportunity to go and spot the unique sea life which thrive in the warm waters, including various whales, dolphins and sea turtles.
Mirissa, a small town on the south coast of the island, is one of the best places on the island to go dolphin and whale watching in Sri Lanka. Weligama Bay off the coast of Mirissa offers the perfect conditions for spotting these usually indiscernible animals.
A variety of whales and dolphins can be seen at Mirissa, including Blue whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales and the occasional Killer whale.  Having the chance to see a blue whale, the largest animal ever known to have existed, is a real highlight of any Sri Lanka whale watching trip. An array of dolphin is also typically spotted, including the Bottlenose, Spinner and Striped dolphin.
Unless you plan to hire your own private boat tour an observation boat typically hold up to 40 passengers and will take you on a tour lasting several hours. Trips usually begin the mornings and finish by midday to avoid the rougher seas of the afternoon.

Sri Lankan whale watching season

The whale watching season in Sri Lanka runs from November to April and offers the best time to spot whales. The sea is usually warm and calm during these months.

The rest of the year is the off season. Whales can still be spotted during these months but the conditions are usually rougher and less suitable so it’s recommended you go on your pre-planned or tailor made Sri Lankan holiday during the on season if you want to enjoy the unique experience of dolphin and whale watching in Sri Lanka’s warm waters.

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